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There's such a rumpus in the air, every moment of every day, every American is dealing with stress.

​It's horrifying, to say the least. Never have I witnessed the daily stress and grief like this and, confirmed to me by hundred of friends, family and colleagues, nearly happens every day.

All walks of life it seems (unless you're already a billionaire), most everyone is facing this very challenging and rather agonizing daily torment and, social media isn't helping resolve the issue. In fact, it's making it worse for everyone.

It's not about COVID-19 specifically, that's just the tail of 3.5 ish years of constant strife, starting at the top with our nation's leader. His tweeting must stop. It wreaks havoc on the every day lives of literally millions of humans. And, whether you like him or not, its stressful backlash is unnerving.

  • Many people are being so much more open-minded in their lives today.
  • They're also looking to fortify their incomes, stabilize their uncertain future.
  • And to accomplish goals normally not likely they had the time previously.
  • And, that's the odd silver lining in this very black cloud, with so much bold transformation.
  • I know for me, personally, and nearly everyone I speak with, the internal growth has been fairly widespread and, a rather introspective benefit of this ginormous mess we have today.

The end result is this .... benefits are large and, more and more are listening to each other, growing their heightened ability to find understanding points-of-view.

If you follow Facebook much, you have likely noticed.

Watch – the vast majority of those commenting can understand both points-of-view and, mostly, it's one or two who spark the flame that sets arguing in motion.

​And often, it's the same person who's instigating and, though you may know them, it's best to unfriend and/or block them. The stress isn't worth it and, it's not your job to host a rant-fest.

As we each look at our lives and, the meaning of grander topics this 'mess' has caused, many have branched out financially, educationally, spiritually, artistically, physically, mentally.

I've personally launched two new businesses in this time-frame and, officially launched a new foundation too, raising money to promote Arabian horses globally and, for many people. Not that it's Earth-shattering, though it's fun, a passion of mine and, has helped me deal with the stress.

Financially, I'd already started diversifying my income, so those wheels were in motion. As long as about a year ago, I'd decided it was smartest to branch out financially as much as possible, diversify income streams, just guarding against any potential dips that may occur in these uncertain times.

Yes, even starting back then, a year ago, the writing on the wall was getting very clear and, income diversity was looking like a smart necessity vs. just "something fun to do" for me at least.

Seems many have agreed and, I've collaborated with many regarding my actions and, how we took the ball and built a new model of an "old' platform. It's funny, what dealing with potentially the "worst case scenario" causes you to think outside the box, like you've never thought before.

It's been cathartic and rewarding and, has my creative juices flowing. Thus, it's also provided numerous goals in a short timeframe, those that'll brand each of us for remaining lifetimes.

The good news is there is hope and, there are smart options and, options you can rely on to produce the results you need or want. Too many "fly by night" businesses of the past tarnished some options and, open-minded thought has many pondering options they'd likely never have considered even just 5 or 10 years ago. We've learned we can work from home and, we've learned we don't need to be dependent on a bigger entity, even a little bit, and more are taking action.

The "good news" bottom-line is simple: most everyone "gets" the point now and, most fully understand that all situations are different, so much more open. And too, many want to work from home now (permanently) and, many do not want to be reliant on 'corporate careers' their entire future/s. It's too stressful and, it'll be better if we can rely on ourselves, with certainty and stability, with zero need to acquiesce into something less than beneficial due to this current mess, or any.

  • As people accomplish their personal goals, financially and all those otherwise, they're finding a new place of peace, personal satisfaction and creativity, which compels itself.
  • It's like a new adventure and, as we emanate like a Phoenix from this current mess, we'll see many people emerging as bigger better souls. – Not to sound cliche, but it's happening.

Be bold in this time now. You owe it to yourself.

There's no reason to holdback and, "bold" now can be your own version of 'how bold' on a scale of 1-10, of course. However, if you've been operating as a 4 on the bold-meter, it's likely time to push it to a 'five' or maybe even a SIX!! ... you'll be thankful for in the future you pushed the limits.